Limited Brief History of the North Enoree Educational & Missionary Baptist Association

Founded 1901
The organization of the North Enoree Educational & Missionary Baptist Association began in 1901. Historical records of our beginning over the years are no longer available, however, of those minutes that have been found, we were able to give credit to the Association´┐Żs establishment date and its beginning in 1901, with 23 Church affiliates.

The earliest minutes available were those of the Annual Sessions held at the various member churches. The Association was organized at Mountain View Baptist Church in 1901.

The following Pastors served as Moderators:

  • Reverend John P. Smith
  • Reverend W. R Lipscomb
  • Reverend C. N. Sullivan
  • Reverend J. D. McGowens
  • Reverend Dr. N. P. Pearson, Sr.
  • Reverend Dr. J E. Young
  • Reverend Dr. W. O. Harrison, Sr.
  • Reverend Dr. C. Cotton
  • Reverend Dr. J. Gary Sherman
  • Reverend Dr. John W. Wilkins
Our Current Moderator as of September 2021 is Rev. Dr. James A. Ledbetter.

Churches now affiliated with the association are:
  • Aiken Chapel MBC
  • Athens MBC
  • Bruton Temple MBC
  • Cedar Grove MBC
  • First Baptist of Paris MBC
  • Gethsemane MBC
  • Golden Grove MBC
  • Meadow Fork MBC
  • Mount Ararat MBC
  • Mount Pilgrim MBC
  • Mountain Grove MBC
  • Mountain View MBC
  • New Hope MBC
  • New Salem MBC
  • Piney Grove MBC
  • Rebirth MBC
  • Shiloh MBC
  • Solid Rock MBC
  • Zion Hill MBC
  • Current Auxiliaries:

    • NEA Brotherhood
    • NEA Sunday Church School Congress
    • NEA Union
    • NEA Women
    • NEA YWA
    • NEA Youth
    • NEA Ushers
    • NEA Ministers Wives & Ministers Widows
    The Lord has blessed the North Enoree Educational & Missionary Baptist Association, enabling us to serve over the ages and aggressively move forward into the future.

    121 Years
    One hundred and twenty-one years of educating our children and supporting our owned colleges; Morris College, Friendship College, N. J. Brockman School of Theology, Martin-Webb Baptist Learning Center, and Benedict College.

    The challenge of this century is to press on toward the mark of unity and holiness in Christ. Our Association and our people must continue to strive to fulfill our obligation to God and our mission.